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Cover of Ramblin'

Well the summer holiday has finally arrived and so I have had a little time for recording. My first finished track is a cover of a song by Rico called Ramblin'. I was inspired to record it after listening to Portland Uke's version of Caravan posted at FMM, he used a version by Jazz Jamaica as his starting point and after listening to their record again, I choose to cover another track from their first album.

It was the bass line from Ramblin' that really drew me in and I played it on my new (to me) acoustic bass. I have been long seeking a better bass sound and tried electric bass, synths and samplers, but none have been quite right. I really dig the sound from the acoustic bass and it records really well. Although most people would describe it as a bass guitar, it has four strings and so to me it is a bass ukulele.

In addition to bass there are several rhythm uke parts and melody played on a melodica. I also ran a soprano through overdrive and wah wah effects and ended up with a good lead sound.

Hope you like the track.

Be seeing you,