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About Me


My name is Nipper and I live in Somerset in the UK. I make ukulele music in my home studio as well as writing about ukuleles and co-hosting the "Ukecast" podcast. I play the occasional concert, but mainly concentrate on teaching; at the moment I am teaching 70 children to play uke.

I have played ukulele since the age of 16, but only began taking it really seriously about two years ago. I realised how versatile the uke can be after hearing the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain on Radio 4 and so I decided to purchase a good quality instrument. I now have several and have discovered what a marvellous range of tones can be had from all the different types.

I have played in a number of bands over the years, and sing and play in a variety of styles. At the moment the music I write and record is mainly reggae and I favour the dub style taking my influence from the likes of Skaville Train, Rico and Augustus Pablo. I play most of the instruments on my recordings and particularly like the blend of ukulele and melodica.

If you like my music, drop me an email and say hello.

Be seeing you

Nipper (August 2006)